Go Kart chassis calibration for Dirt Oval Racing

This is a basic guide to some of the changes that you can track to try to make to make your case. All these changes should only be used after you have your base set-up includes the tip stagger, fall and percentages by weight. adjustments to the basic set-up This should be done at home during the week. The producer of the frame with a set-up should provide a starting point. may change during this period starting point for what works best for your driving style,different routes and different track conditions.

If loose on Entry

1.Reduce air RR

2.Change a minor LF

Change the third most difficult for an RF

4.Decrease LF camber

5.Add weight cross

6.Decrease weight before

7.Decrease stagger back

If the Exit Loose

1.Increase RF camber

2.Change a softer tire LR

Third Move LR

Fourth Weight gain cross

5.Decrease stagger back

If ChassisPresses entry

1.Change a softer tire RF

According to Switch to a greater LF

Third Increase rear stagger

Fourth Low air pressure RF

Fifth Increase LF camber

LR 6.Move out

When drivers press the Exit

Before Reducing RF camber

According to Reduce cross weight

Third Move out LR

Fourth Changing a harder tire on LR

Fifth Increase rear stagger

Reduce the sixth NGA

Seventh Weight gain before

If the frame isBinding

Before Increase front and rear sway

According Change harder tires

Third Increase pressure

Fourth Reduce cross weight

Fifth Increase rear weight

Move out of sixth RR

4-wheel Drift

Lower air pressure before

According Move RR

Third Switch to softer tires

Fourth weight loss left

Fifth Raise VCG (raise seat)

There are many practical tools to help and lessons for riders with their chassis set-up racing go-karts. Moreas Longacre Caster / Camber Gauges, Longacre Computer Scales Accutoe Pro Laser Toe Gauge Longacre Air Gauges, Longacre Durometer and rubber Stagger strips are available in most grocery cart, including my own: http://smokinjoeracing.com

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